This Could Have Been Me on Dr. Oz

Women Hiding Use of Laxatives Every day I record The Dr. Oz Show. Like many, I fell in love with him when he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. I also had the opportunity to be hear him speak live while I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This was before the […]

When Not Fitting In Is The Best Thing Ever

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to feel like you fit in with your peers. I always felt “not good enough,” “not smart enough,” “not pretty enough,” “not skinny enough.” It’s enough to make your head spin, yep, spinning all the way to the candy counter. Indeed, there’s nothing like chocolate and sugar to […]

I Saw The Sign

This is a much longer message than I usually write. I would love it if you would read all the way to the end, as I am making some changes to Bravo! Wellness, and I’d love for you to understand why and what brought me to this place.  The story begins at start of the […]

Life-long Romance_#selflove Day3

Welcome to Day 3 of 7 Days of Self-Love. Like yesterday’s Louise Hay quote, this Oscar Wilde quote really moved me. Self-love is an ongoing process. It doesn’t end. It’s not something you achieve and then forget about.   But once you do find love for you within you, life changes. Happiness prevails. And all things […]

Do you believe in yourself?

Derek Boogaard dead at the age of 28. Cause: chronic traumatic encephalopathy or C.T.E, brain damage that mirrors Alzheimer’s disease and is caused by repeated blows to the head. As an avid hockey fan, I believe the role of fighting in the sport must be analyzed, but that is certainly not the focus of this […]

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