Seriously? McDonalds for Weight Loss? Not so fast.

McDonald’s for weight loss. Stop the presses!! Can this really be true? Sounds like a miracle for some people. It’s so bothersome, really, that this story got so much press, including coverage on The Today Show, when, in reality, there was nothing newsworthy about it. And, quite the opposite, it could actually be spreading false […]


At the end of May, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a 16-ounce size limit on sweetened beverages sold in city restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums and food carts. “All across the country, everybody recognizes obesity as a growing, serious problem…I think it’s fair to say that while everyone else is sitting around complaining, New […]

Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

Do you have diabesity? It’s possible, even while your doctor may be saying, “Let’s wait and see,” instead of discussing the situation with you. Elevated blood sugar and extra pounds around the waist area (your “middle”) are red flags that scream “danger” to functional medicine doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman. [Did you miss my interview with […]

Paula Deen, Meet Dr. Mark Hyman

Remember how the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz sings “If I only had a brain” with Dorothy? I just can’t help thinking: If I only had a chance to talk to Paula Deen. It’s been about five weeks since she announced that she had diabetes (she’s known for three years) and that she is […]

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