Are you really hungry?

[This is Part 5 of a series. If you missed any of the previous posts, please scroll to the bottom for links.] Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? You’re picking up breakfast from the diner and the bakery counter looks so scrumptious. Like most days, you’re running late and anxious about the day ahead […]

Do You Feel Out of Control Around Food?

[This is Part 4 of a series. If you missed any of the previous posts, please scroll to the bottom for links.] Can you eat two cookies and stop? Do you finish a bag of potato chips before realizing you’ve eaten every. single. chip.? Has grazing throughout the day become a habit? Ask yourself if […]

Keep a Balanced Perspective

[This is Part 3 of a series. If you missed any of the previous posts, scroll to the bottom for links.] Eating can be a pleasurable activity. Don’t be afraid to eat cake and have fun—just remember to keep a balanced perspective. It’s okay to take pleasure in food and enjoy sharing it with others. […]

Food and feelings_Physical hunger_Emotional hunger

Understand How Emotional Eating Works

[This post is Part 2 of a series. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.] Food and Feelings Emotional eating occurs when you use food to manage your feelings, rather than to satisfy your hunger. This can trigger guilt and create a cycle where you eat because you feel bad and feel […]

Impossible - Possible

Make Peace with Food, Your Mind, and Your Body

[Part 1 of a series] Break Free From Emotional Eating So many emotional eaters have been engaging in the self-destructive behavior for so long that it’s hard to understand what’s really going on. It becomes normal to overeat, binge, feel shame, blame themselves, and, ultimately, suffer from their own actions. I know because I did […]

Blossom by blossom spring begins

Are You Ready for Something New?

Welcome Spring! I am inspired by spring. The leaves, the flowers, and the sunshine all make me smile. I’m excited for the start of a new season. What about you? Do you feel a spring in your step? I invite you to embrace this new beginning. Give yourself the gift of a clean slate, if that’s what […]

Happy Hanukkah - Latke Recipe

Sweet Potato-Carrot-Quinoa Potato Latkes

Gluten-Free and Vegan Nothing says Hanukkah like potato latkes. Well, there is a menorah, and a menorah needs candles. And we can’t forget dreidels and chocolate gelt candy. So yes, there’s a lot to Hanukkah. But those latkes are oh-so good! Traditional potato latkes, like the latkes of my youth, are made with eggs. Nowadays […]

Be Like Elsa: Let It Go

Are you as afraid to make mistakes as I used to be? Truth be told, my fear of making mistakes still creeps up on me. But that’s about the future, right? The what ifs – they still get me sometimes. So does the sense of “coulda, woulda, shoulda” of the past. The beating myself up […]

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