47 Days of Transformation (2013): Day 1

Today is a new day. It’s a special day for me. It’s Day One of my 47 Days of Transformation.  Why 47 Days of Transformation? Reason one: I’m 47 years old. (Did I really just share that with the world?) And, reason two: because I realize there are things I set out to accomplish in […]

The Wisdom of Jim Rohn

As this is my summer of self-care, I’ve set the intention to practice yoga at least three times a week. So far, I’ve been twice this week, so I’m on my way. On Monday, as I was walking to the studio, I noticed this sign in a patch of green and wood chips on the […]

The Summer of Self…

…love …care …??? Today is Monday, July 1. Beginning of the week. Beginning of a new month. Beginning of the second half of the year. And the beginning of the summer of self for me. I’m very clear that this is not about being selfish. In fact, it’s about me being more giving, more generous. […]

The Sandy 5…and what you can do about it

This morning I heard on the news that the latest buzzword is the “Sandy 5.” Remember the “Freshmen 15” – the weight gained by college students during their first year? Now it’s the five (or more) pounds New Yorkers gained during and after Hurricane Sandy. Think about it: anxiety, stress, desperation, boredom. Yes, indeed, food […]

My BEST Life Plan

After hearing Nell Merlino speak at Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle conference, I was inspired to create my BEST Life Plan – a one page document that would outline my intentions as I see them at this point in my life. Like a business plan, my life plan will be like a GPS and guide […]

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