The Summer of Self…

…love …care …??? Today is Monday, July 1. Beginning of the week. Beginning of a new month. Beginning of the second half of the year. And the beginning of the summer of self for me. I’m very clear that this is not about being selfish. In fact, it’s about me being more giving, more generous. […]

Lessons in Self-esteem from the Golden Globes

I love a good awards show. The glitz and glamour get me every time. I love to see what the women are wearing – the colors, the jewels. Last night’s Golden Globes ceremony was no different in that regard, but I also got some lessons in self-esteem. Anne Hathaway’s poignant portrayal of Fantine in “Les […]

The Comfort Connection

Montel Williams was quite candid on The Dr. Oz Show recently when speaking about his struggles with emotional eating. He has a lot going for him: Emmy Award-winning talk-show host, a decorated former naval intelligence officer, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, yet something was tearing him apart. His depression has been talked about and […]

Attitude of gratitude and compassion

I’m happy. I love my life. I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to start my day. I work with smart, savvy, high-achieving professionals and connect with some of the most brilliant individuals on the planet. I have a husband whom I love with all my heart and a fun, close-knit family and […]

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