Work With Me and End Your Struggle with Emotional Eating

I’m so glad you are here. It means a lot to me that you are interested in my work as a health coach. Bravo! Wellness is my business, and I take it to heart, literally.

My mantra is Feed Your Heart – Nourish Your Soul.

Our beating hearts mean we are alive. But if our souls aren’t fed positive energy and guided by life-affirming choices, we often don’t feel alive. We need to eat healthy, whole foods to provide the nutrients our heart and other organs need to function. And we need to practice self-care and live an authentic life to “turn on” our minds and spirits to the richness of the world. By richness I don’t need money per se; I mean the abundance of greatness that can be attained by living your B.E.S.T. life.

Feed Your Heart (with healthy food) and Nourish Your Soul (with your true brilliance)

During my recovery from bulimia and subsequent personal growth journey, I’ve worked one-on-one with healers and coaches as well as in group settings. Each has worked for me at different times and that’s why I offer both as an option. Sometimes the private, more frequent calls and emails are really what you want and need, and other times an interactive, inspiring group is your ticket to wellness.

Take a look below and read about the ways we can work together. And, feel free to contact me if you aren’t sure about which way is best for you or you have questions. I’m happy to speak with you and help you determine what is best for you.

Live Your B.E.S.T. Life – private, 1:1 support for 4 months

It takes time to develop the habits that will have you feeding your heart and nourishing your soul for a lifetime. Think about it, how long have you been engaging in the habits that are not serving your best self? Trust me, there’s no judgement here. (I’ve been there!) There is empathy, for sure. And support, guidance, inspiration and education to empower you to Life Your B.E.S.T. Life.

Through my own journey and from working with clients, I have realized that living a healthy, fulfilled life…your B.E.S.T. life, encompasses four meaningful actions:

    1. Bring real food into your life
    2. Embrace self-care
    3. Strengthen your body, mind, spirit
    4. Take responsibility for your choices

During the four months of our work together, we’ll create your unique Life Fulfillment File. Instead of a BFF (who is really important, no doubt!), you’ll have an LFF (it’s kind of like being your own best friend). The program begins with a clean eating program similar to the Set Yourself Free! Experience. From the start, you’ll be able to manage sugar cravings by avoiding foods such as gluten and dairy that can cause inflammation in the body and send signals to your brain to eat more carbs. Believe me, this isn’t about willpower, or lack thereof. And yes, you’ll eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners (but still enjoy delicious, nutritious, sweet snacks).

As we clean your gut (yes, it is really about trusting your gut!) and balance your blood sugar, we’ll focus on YOU – your self-care – how to make yourself your #1 priority (and still take care of everyone and everything else in your life with grace).

We’ll talk about exercise – you really can’t talk about health and well-being without talking about physical activity. The key is to talk about what’s right for you. Is it running? Walking outdoors? Walking on the treadmill? Pilates? Yoga? Working with a personal trainer? We’ll figure this out and create a plan so that you don’t hear yourself saying, “I don’t have time to exercise.”

Jodi, I really need your support and can’t wait to get started.

You are going to understand YOU – your needs, your boundaries, your happy place. The Life Fulfillment File we create will be comprised of your go-to resources for your emotional and physical well-being. Because your journey doesn’t end when the coaching ends, you need a plan for going forward – to know what to do when you get triggered. It will all be in your LFF. And you’ll be living and enjoying your B.E.S.T. life. And that’s a beautiful thing!

Jodi, I believe I can benefit from this coaching but I have questions


The Set Yourself Free! Experience

A group program currently offered 4 times per year (also available with 1:1 support)

Let’s get together with some like-minded people and tame those sugar cravings! If you are tired of blaming yourself for not having enough willpower and disgusted with fighting with your closet every morning, the Set Yourself Free! Experience is for you. You can stop making promises to yourself that “tomorrow” you will start a diet and begin to free yourself from the emotions that are holding you back from being your best self. I understand your struggle and know that taking the first step can be so confusing. You ask yourself, “Should I go gluten-free? Dairy-free? What is the best alternative to sugar?”

This one-month group program will answer those questions by enabling you to uncover hidden food sensitivities and tame the sugar cravings. You’ll receive suggested meal plans (with recipes and  shopping lists) so you won’t have to worry about what to eat. The program guide will explain why it is important to refresh and revitalize your body at various times throughout the year and how to determine if food sensitivities could be causing inflammatory responses in your body (ah – goodbye headaches! So long rashes and digestive distress!)

In addition to food, the Set Yourself Free! Experience will guide you through self-care exercises so you can connect your mind, body and spirit – stand in your own strength – and free yourself from the struggles of emotional eating.

I am ready for the Set Yourself Free! Experience

Are you interested in the Set Yourself Free! Experience but want private coaching as well? I get that. I like working privately with coaches, too. Here’s something I created for people like you (and me!):

Get Off the Rollercoaster/Get Back on Track – private, 1:1 experience available year-round

This is for you if you want the Set Yourself Free! Experience but want individual coaching from me. We follow the same program and we’ll also schedule weekly private calls so you can feel comfortable getting the support you need to end your struggle with emotional eating. Of course, you also have email access to me so you don’t have to wait for answers in-between scheduled calls. I’m here for you.

I am ready to Get Back on Track