RESET your body and mind

RENEW your commitment to you

REBOOT your spirit

REVITALIZE your life

Welcome to the Set Yourself Free! Experience

A delicious, nutritious, fun way to release your struggle with emotional eating and embrace your authentic, whole self!

Who do you think of when you hear…

Overworked, stressed, candy, cake, donuts, cookies, pretzels, addicted to sugar, need salt, skip meals, chocolate, late-night eating, can’t stop at just one, perfectionist, looking for approval from others, emotional eater…

Is this you?

Are you:

  • always eating “just one more” cookie?
  • buying your “last” candy bar?
  • binge-eating at night?
  • tired all the time?
  • subject to mood swings throughout the day?
  • isolating yourself from friends and family?
  • an emotional eater?

Maybe you don’t even know exactly what’s not working —

You just know something is off and really want to figure it out.

I can totally relate because that used to be me.

If you are here and feel like you don’t know where to turn – don’t worry. I am here for you.

I wanted whatever it was that was going to make me skinny, smart and self-confident. Because that would have solved my “problems” and I would finally be “enough.”

I followed all the plans that promised I would be slim and sexy. They didn’t work. I ended up emotionally and physically sick. Because my problem wasn’t about counting calories.

It was deeper than that, and much more complicated.

It was about anxiety, eating foods that were wreaking havoc on my body (bloating, inflammation, weight gain, headaches), eating to shut down my feelings, skipping meals because of work stress then eating candy when I needed energy, late-night binges, not enough sleep, not getting to the gym because I was too tired from not getting enough sleep…and so much more.

I had to learn what foods were best for my body AND how to find happiness within. What I learned is that there is no magic formula for that, and through my work, I’ve learned that the journey is different for everyone.

That’s why I created a plan to help you find your unique path to freedom from the eating patterns holding you back from living your best life.

“Jodi’s program is fantastic. The recipes are amazing, easy to make and delicious. There are so many meals to choose from that I never felt deprived. And I did not crave sugar. The guide and meal plan make it so easy to stay on track.”

~ Regina D’Alesio, public speaking coach

The Set Yourself Free! Experience offers an opportunity
to get in touch with your body, mind and spirit.

April 24 – June 30, 2017

The Set Yourself Free! Experience helps you to discover and embrace the foods that are best for your body and guide you emotionally and spiritually to adopt a nourishing lifestyle so you can live your best life. A 4-part, virtual program…


Prepare for and understand the journey you are embarking on
Reset your body and mind to open yourself up to new possibilities


Learn to let go of what is holding you back
Detoxify your mind and body
Release the struggle with sugar cravings


Observe how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally
Connect with and listen to what your body truly wants and needs
Satisfy your hunger without deprivation


Create a new, sustainable lifestyle, combing the physical aspect of eating foods that are going to truly nourish your body and living the life that leads you to optimal wellness and joy.

Live your best ~ Bring real foods into your life, Embrace self-care, Strengthen the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, Take responsibility for your choices.

Celebrate Your Success

Did you know?

Emotional and stress eating is on everyone’s mind. You are not alone. A quick google search revealed more than 10 million sites dedicated to this topic.

“The number of adults who turn to food to reduce stress is nearly equal to those who turn to smoking, alcohol, shopping and gambling combined!”
– Stress in America Survey, American Psychological Association

You can end your struggle with emotional eating

You can understand your cravings and what you can do to eliminate them

You can establish a sustainable, clean eating plan and set a foundation for healthy living

You can banish brain fog and fatigue

You can be happy and healthy and feel truly alive

Your Experience Includes the Following:

Program Guides

You are going to receive a lot of information. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I want you to be informed. I’ll be sending a Program Guide for the Reset, Renew and Reboot phases of the Experience, and then weekly guides for the six weeks of Revitalize. I want you to be informed and have resources along the journey.

Recipe Guides

As with the Program Guides, you will receive one guide for the Reset, Renew and Reboot phases and another for Revitalize. Lots of nutritious, delicious recipes for you to enjoy. This is not about deprivation and what you can’t eat – it’s about exploring new foods to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Snacks are included!

Suggested Meal Plans

Because there are a lot of recipes, I’m going to break it down for you with Suggested Meal Plans for each phase of the Set Yourself Free! Experience. We’ll take the guesswork and anxiety of meal-planning out of the equation. (Of course, you are always welcome to substitute another recipe from one of the guides – this Experience is about you and what is best for you!)

Shopping Lists

If you choose to follow the Suggested Meal Plans, you will have ready-to-go shopping lists to bring with you to the supermarket. I know you’re busy and I want to make this easy for you.

Live Group Calls

You will receive all the information you need for the Experience via email. However, I know how important it is to be able to ask questions when going through a journey like this. We’ll get on the phone together and discuss the program, talk about your personal experience and what you need to keep moving forward. All calls will be recorded so if you have to miss one, you won’t miss out on any part of the conversation.

Success Kit

Resources! I’ll share with you what I use and what I recommend to my private clients to support you and guide you to success.

And more! – Because who doesn’t like surprises?!

“I’ve participated in more than one of Jodi’s programs. I sign up for three reasons: to focus on ways to eat healthier, to lose a few pounds and determine if I have any food sensitivities that might be causing discomfort. I love the recipes because I prepare and eat foods that aren’t otherwise in my daily diet. As a result, I determined that I might have a gluten intolerance. This is certainly useful information in the scope of my health and well-being and something I would not have known had I not done Jodi’s programs. I lost seven pounds the first time and six pounds the next time I allowed Jodi to be my guide. I’m 3 for 3…twice.”

~Robert J. Smith, attorney

The SET YOURSELF FREE! EXPERIENCE will provide an opportunity for you to:

  • Feel vibrant – with boundless energy. You no longer dread the 3pm energy slump and you say “yes” to evening plans with friends.
  • Make an impact at meetings with clear, sharp, focused presentations. And you look and feel your best!
  • Zip your jeans without lying on your bed and holding in your stomach
  • Understand what food nourishes your body and nurtures your soul
  • Walk into a room with confidence
  • Break free from your obsession with food and feelings
  • Be “enough”
  • Reclaim your life

Set Yourself Free! Experience Features & Tools:

Group Program

 Private Support

Program Guide » Everything you need to know about the Set Yourself Free! Experience and how to set yourself up for success check-white check-white
Recipe Guides » More than 50 recipes for you to enjoy during the program, and again and again, as you live your healthy lifestyle. check-white check-white
Suggested Meals Protocol » The suggested meals will take you through an “elimination” phase and “transition” phase and then six more weeks of nourishing, healthy meals; you can always switch out a recipe for another found in the Recipe Guides. check-white check-white
Suggested Shopping Lists » Take the shopping lists with you to the grocery store if you are going to follow the Suggested Meals Protocols…let’s make this easy for you. check-white check-white
Food-Mood Journal » This “food diary” is not about counting calories and grams of fat; it is about taking note of what you ate and how you felt after – this information is priceless when transforming your health and well-being. check-white check-white
Live Group Calls » I’m on the phone with you, live, explaining the program and all the components, and answering your questions before and while you are going through the Set Yourself Free! Experience. check-white check-white
Education, motivational emails during the program » Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it? Throughout the Set Yourself Free! Experience, I’m your guide and your cheerleader to motivate you through the journey.   check-white check-white
Invitation to join our Facebook group » It’s fun to get together with friends, right? With our private (secret) group, you can share your Experience with like-minded, health-conscious friends near and far. Share your favorite recipes and photos! check-white check-white
Private, 1:1 support from me » This is for you if you like to share and ask a lot of questions, but aren’t really a “group” person; you would prefer to go through the Set Yourself Free! Experience more privately, and with my 1:1 support. You’ll benefit from five, private, 30-minute calls with me (in addition to the group calls, if you choose to participate) plus email support directly from me to help you make the most of your Experience.   check-white
Group Program Private Support
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Too many people are feeding their feelings instead of truly nourishing their bodies with healthy food and a joyful lifestyle.

Are you ready to free yourself from an
obsession with food and approval from others?

I’m here to guide you.

Set Yourself Free! Experience

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Who am I?

I’m Jodi Krizer Graber, a passionate health coach and speaker, who is committed to supporting you to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

I founded Bravo! Wellness to guide you and give you the strength to release your struggles with emotional eating. I want you to experience the joy of looking in the mirror and seeing a strong, confident individual looking back at you.

I do this work because I suffered alone for too long – thinking there was something wrong with me, that I should know what to eat and when, that the stress was “par for the course” if I wanted to be successful in my career. Then there was the hot, humimd summer day in New York City when I nearly passed out while playing tennis with a friend in Central Park. I was so scared! I had to get help.

Fast forward to my amazing therapist and her compassion, love and support. I will remain grateful to her forever. And one of the most wonderful things she did for me was refer me to a passionate, caring health coach who introduced me to goji berries, cacao, the concept of mindful eating, how to truly take care of myself and so much more! My therapist + my health coach = my dynamic duo, my guardian angels.

I am honored and humbled to help others. I don’t want anyone to feel as alone and scared as I did.

My goal is to inspire, educate and empower you to explore the needs of your body, mind and spirit and adopt healthy habits that last a lifetime. I don’t promote or encourage one specific way of eating. You are unique, and the food you eat and the way you care for yourself needs to be right for your individuality. I will help you become the CEO of your life and take responsibility for your well-being.