Love Yourself First_#selflove day1

Welcome to 7 Days of Self-Love. Of course, I want every day to be a day of self-love for me and for you. This is a start. This seven-day series is to help the practice of self-love and self-care become a healthy habit. As Valentine’s Day comes closer and there are more ads for chocolate […]

The Summer of Self…

…love …care …??? Today is Monday, July 1. Beginning of the week. Beginning of a new month. Beginning of the second half of the year. And the beginning of the summer of self for me. I’m very clear that this is not about being selfish. In fact, it’s about me being more giving, more generous. […]

Don’t Take Away the Halloween Candy

You may be thinking I’ve lost my mind, that I’m encouraging you to eat bags full of Halloween candy and allow your children to eat the sugar and processed chemicals in candy. No, that’s not what I’m suggesting. But, I got to thinking: if you act like a “meanie” and take the candy away from […]

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