Make Peace with Food, Your Mind, and Your Body

Impossible - Possible

[Part 1 of a series]

Break Free From Emotional Eating

So many emotional eaters have been engaging in the self-destructive behavior for so long that it’s hard to understand what’s really going on. It becomes normal to overeat, binge, feel shame, blame themselves, and, ultimately, suffer from their own actions. I know because I did this for so long. I thought it was “the way I was,” and that it was because I was a “type A, overwhelmed, stressed out New Yorker,” who was exhausted and needed candy and carbs to get me through the day. Indeed, kind of like I “deserved” it. But I deserved so much more, and so do you.

In order to overcome emotional eating and create a peaceful relationship with food, your mind, and your body, it’s critical to understand what’s really going on and causing you so much sadness and disappointment.

Elevate Your Awareness

  1. Understand how emotional eating works.
  2. Keep a balanced perspective.
  3. Ask yourself if you feel out of control.
  4. Notice your cravings.
  5. Evaluate your hunger levels.
  6. Consider your family history.

Now that you are more aware, what can you do to work to end your struggle with emotional eating?

Activities That Will Help You Make Peace with Food, Your Mind, and Your Body

  1. Keep a journal.
  2. Substitute healthy foods.
  3. Experiment with portion sizes.
  4. Stay mindful and focused.
  5. Develop positive coping techniques.
  6. Avoid temptation.
  7. Get adequate sleep.
  8. Celebrate your success.
  9. Seek professional help.

You are not broken. You are awesome and special. The lists above are not comprehensive, but rather thoughts and suggestions to get you started figuring out what is causing you to succumb to emotional eating and ways to begin to heal. Everyone is different. The journey is unique for every individual. It’s always such an honor for me to watch as my clients become aware of their patterns and feelings and then embrace the activities that lead them to a life they love.

Break free from emotional eating so you can protect your health and well-being, and make peace with food, your mind, and your body.

Stay tuned for part two!
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