Read a good book lately?_#MindfulinMarch

rothbrownbooksToday is World Book Day and it got me thinking about all of the books on my shelves and all the books I want to buy. Having a book in my hand makes me happy. I’ve yet to purchase a kindle or other electronic reader, though I know people love their devices.

These days I seem to be navigating to select themes in books: self-esteem, eating disorders, thyroid health, nutrition, time management, Jewish values and spirituality. It’s amazing how many books are written on these subjects. Which leads me to another thought: how many books I buy and how many of them I actually read.

It seems as if every other day a noted doctor or self-esteem mentor releases a book that I “must” have, such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Geneen Roth and Brené Brown. Some I  read cover to cover, such as the ones in this photo to the left. I put in bookmarks, fold down the page edges and highlight passages.



Then there are books such as the ones above, that I read sections of from time and time to ensure I’m staying on track with my self-growth. There’s always something new I can do to improve my productivity and certainly knowledge I gain from world-renowned experts. Sometimes I go through periods where I don’t have time to read a book – wait, let me re-phrase that – I go through periods where I don’t create time to read a book – so I will take the book off the shelf for short time frames and read a chapter or two. I like doing that because I can still experience the subject matter, even though I’m not absorbing everything from the book. I’m staying #MindfulinMarch by taking inventory of all the fabulous books I own and what I can learn in the coming weeks and months.

And, finally, there are books I read for daily motivation and encouragement, like Sacred Intentions: Daily Inspiration to Strengthen the Spirit, Based on Jewish Wisdom. I find it grounding to begin my day with a spiritual message. It helps to get my brain going and set a positive intention for the day.sacredintentions_MinMarch

Do you read a book for daily inspiration? If so, which one?

Here’s to World Book Day and all the brilliant authors in the world!



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