Paula Deen, Meet Dr. Mark Hyman

Remember how the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz sings “If I only had a brain” with Dorothy? I just can’t help thinking: If I only had a chance to talk to Paula Deen. It’s been about five weeks since she announced that she had diabetes (she’s known for three years) and that she is going to “live with type 2 diabetes” by taking the drug Victoza, manufactured by Novo Nordisk.

In a USA Today interview after her announcement about her diagnosis, Paula Deen said that she had initially thought when she got her diagnosis in 2008 that she would be forced to change her entire life and diet. However, she soon figured out how to rectify her passion, food, with her new status. It’s all about moderation, she says. “You don’t want to make a steady diet of just lettuce,” she told the newspaper. “You don’t want to make a steady diet of fried chicken.”

Oh, Paula, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Paula Deen, meet Dr. Mark Hyman.

Dr. Hyman has written a new book, The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!, which is sure to reach bestseller status. In the book, Dr. Hyman reveals his scientifically based program for preventing and reversing insulin imbalance, the #1 cause of obesity and chronic disease – not just diabetes but also heart disease, cancer, stroke and dementia. He writes that diabesity (global epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes) affects over 1.7 billion people worldwide. He refers to scientists who “conservatively estimate it will affect 1 in 2 Americans by 2020, 90% of whom will not be diagnosed.”

Consider the following*:

  • One-third of all diabetics have documented heart disease. It is estimated that nearly everyone else with type 2 diabetes has undiagnosed heart disease.
  • People with diabetes are four times more likely to die from heart disease, and the rate of stroke is three to four times higher in this population.
  • There is a fourfold increased risk for dementia in diabetics.
  • The link between obesity and cancer is well documented and is driven by insulin resistance.
  • Diabesity is also the leading cause of liver failure from NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis).
  • Diabesity is an important cause of depression and mood disorders.
  • Nervous system damage affects 60-70 % of people with diabetes.
  • Diabesity is the leading cause of blindness among people ages 20 to 74.
  • Diabesity is the leading cause of kidney failure.
  • People with poorly controlled diabetes are three times more likely to have periodontal or severe gum disease.

In the book, Dr. Hyman offers several quizzes and checklists to determine if you might have, or are at risk for, diabesity. This is critical information for you to know NOW. This is a wake-up call for you and those you love.

MH Head & ShouldersIf Paula Deen had spent money to consult with Dr. Mark Hyman instead of negotiating an endorsement deal with a diabetes drug, she might have reversed the diabetes already. Dr. Hyman writes about a study that reports “unequivocally that even people with advanced type 2 diabetes, when the pancreas was pooped out and the insulin-producing (beta) cells are damaged, can recover and diabetes can be reversed in just ONE week through dramatic changes in diet (very low-glycemic, low calorie, plant-based diet).

In addition to the health benefits, which are priceless, think about the advantage to your wallet – a lifetime of savings from dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.

Every page of The Blood Sugar Solution has golden nuggets of information. These are not the reports you are hearing on the news and certainly not the advertisements the drug companies are paying billions for to make you believe their drug is the one you must have to save your life. Dr. Hyman tells it like it is – dietary choices and lifestyle habits have the power to heal.

I’m so proud to present my exclusive tele-seminar with Dr. Mark Hyman on Monday, February 27** and I sincerely hope you will register for this life-changing event. [Click the button below] I care. I really do. I have this information and I want to share it with you.


Next Steps:

  1. Register for my call with Dr. Hyman.
  2. Be sure to consult with your doctor before stopping any medication you are currently taking.
  3. Make a decision to live your best life now and do whatever it takes to be healthy and happy.
  4. Share the information about Monday’s call with family, friends and colleagues.

*From The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman

**The call will be recorded and an mp3 file will be sent to all who register.

    These steps will empower you to make healthy choices. If you are concerned about your nutrition and lifestyle routines and know you want to do things differently, contact me at or call 413-282-7286. At Bravo! Wellness, I work with my clients to create manageable lifestyle changes so they are able to achieve their greatest potential in life, health and business.

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