Life-long Romance_#selflove Day3

Welcome to Day 3 of 7 Days of Self-Love. Like yesterday’s Louise Hay quote, this Oscar Wilde quote really moved me. Self-love is an ongoing process. It doesn’t end. It’s not something you achieve and then forget about.



But once you do find love for you within you, life changes. Happiness prevails. And all things seem possible.

Think about it – if you don’t love yourself, how can you move forward? How can you achieve your goals and dreams?

One of the most poignant memories I have from when I was recovering from bulimia is my holistic healer handing me a mirror and suggesting I say, “I love you,” to me. I remember this moment. We were sitting outside on steps. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Santa Barbara, CA. Rita, one of two women whom I refer to as my guardian angels (the other was my therapist), encouraged me to close my eyes and take some deep breaths. I wasn’t sure exactly what was coming next, but I trusted Rita and knew whatever she did was going to help me.

She told me to hold out my hands and placed a beautiful box in them. I opened my eyes and she motioned for me to open the box. There was the mirror. “Look at yourself,” she said, “and say I love you.” I had to hold back tears as she uttered those words. And then tears fell as I looked in the mirror and said “I love you” to me.

I encourage my clients to put a post-it note on their bathroom mirror with a note that says, “I love you.” It sounds silly, but in our busy lives some of us need to be reminded to stop and appreciate our greatness and our uniqueness. With a constant reminder, self-love can become a healthy, life-long habit, or, as Oscar Wilde said, romance. #betruetoyou

What does self-love mean to you? Comment below and be entered to win one of the prizes.


7 Days of Self-Love Special Gifts

4 ways to enter…

1 entry – comment below and tell me what self-love means to you

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Grand Prize – 1 month of support so I can guide you through a whole foods-based cleanse to manage sugar cravings and emotional eating – we will create a customized list of self-care actions that will fit your lifestyle; a journal to keep track of progress; 1 bottle of Young Living lavender essential oil and a copy of Michael Pollan’s book, Food Rules.

3 additional names will be drawn to win a session with me, up to one hour, so we can create a customized self-care routine and a journal to keep track of progress and a copy of Michael Pollan’s book, Food Rules.

Winners will be randomly drawn based on entries on this blog, facebook, twitter and instagram.

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