Why do I detox?

I was asked the above question after posting about my upcoming program – A Sensational YOU Summer Detox Program on facebook.

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 It’s been a thrill and an honor for me to be promoting my first detox. I’ve wanted to do this for so long, yet I held myself back (for lots of different reasons – that’s another blog post). Then, I reminded myself I have information to share and this detox could be the game-changer for participants. The week where they realize they are in control. That they have the power to step up and become the CEOs of their lives. After all, if you are not in control of your own life, where does that leave you?

It left me in despair – but again, that’s another blog post. For the moment, however, it’s a great introduction to this detox. I don’t want you to be searching for the life you desire. I want you to live it.

I’m so happy living the life I have now. Working hard to help and support others. Most importantly, living each day with gratitude, not in a state of ‘what if?’

Yet, we do need to be real. Life can be challenging. There are things that are out of our control and the best we can do is manage our reaction and actions. For me, I know that if I’m eating “clean” and healthy food, my body and mind are grounded and focused. I can handle the curveballs. But, if a few too many soy lattes have been consumed, or a bite here and there of cookies and cake (it happens, not often, but it does happen), and I’m ‘off’ a bit: bloated (not something spoken about at the water cooler), irritable and anxious.

In addition, we have to consider the environment. There are toxins everywhere. I’m not saying that to make you want to find yourself a bubble to live in for the rest of your life. I’m saying it because it is a reality. However, if you keep your immune system strong (and 80% of our immune system is in our gut!), you will be stronger to fight off those toxins that do enter your body. Take that – cold!  Take that – flu! Take that – rash! Take that – sinus headache! Be gone, because you are not welcome in my body.

I follow a (mostly) vegan and gluten-free diet. I say mostly, because, as I mentioned above, I have been known to have bites of cookies, etc. I certainly believe, that for me, gluten-free, vegan (and sugar-free) food is the best plan to “feed my heart and nourish my soul” as I say to my clients. Because I’m not perfect, though, ( then again, who is?), I have participated in detox programs – including juicing, green smoothies and full meal plans –  and have seen the benefits. Sure, weight loss is one, but it’s really not the most profound one.

Each and every time I detox I find out something more about myself. It sounds cliché, I know, but it’s like peeling those layers of the onion, and getting to the core of who I am. Doing that makes me stronger and wiser and ultimately, a better person. A better me – wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, colleague and coach. That’s why I detox.

I’d be happy to speak with you about whether or not my program, A Sensational YOU, is right for you. If, for any reason it’s not, I know of many other programs and would be happy to make a recommendation for you. Feel free to email me at .

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