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One of the most important healthy habits I discuss with my clients is meal planning – knowing what you are going to eat throughout the week so you don’t leave anything to chance. We all know what can happen during the week – last-minute meeting, traffic, deadline gets moved up – and self-care gets left behind. Who has time to eat? Or, meals become whatever is easiest – order in or pick-up fast food.

As I declared I was going to be #MindfulinMarch, I realized I had to follow my own advice. Yesterday, before the snow started falling, I wrote out a shopping list. I looked through my various recipes booklets and decided what I wanted to eat and then figured out what I already had in the apartment and what I needed to buy. My husband walked with me to our local health food store and we went up and down the aisles, adding food to our basket while I crossed items off the list.


When we got back home, I took my mindfulness to another level. Usually, after food shopping, we get home and unpack the groceries without even thinking – perishables go in the refrigerator or freezer and other items go in the cabinets. This time, before we unpacked the bags, I made a list of what was already in the refrigerator. Then, as we unpacked items, I added them to the list so that when asked the question, what’s in your refrigerator, I can actually answer the question.

I’ve made time in my calendar every Sunday to create my list for the week and to go to shopping. It’s a healthy habit I need to stick with in order for me to look and feel my best.

Are you strategic about your meal planning and food shopping, or do you leave things to chance?

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