Small Steps, BIG Results

Good intentions. I believe many of us have them but we get stuck on “how” to make them happen. Too many questions come up and they don’t get answered. That’s what used to happen to me. And I stayed stuck. It wasn’t fun yet it was comfortable.

Now I know better. I know that being uncomfortable is OK and asking questions is a smart thing to do, not a weakness. As I said last week, I have a lot of compassion for those who are afraid of the unknown. It’s scary and requires a lot of faith to move forward.

Let’s take a look at our health and well-being. You know you want to eat more nutritious food and really practice self-care. It’s just that the concept seems overwhelming because there’s a lot of work to be done. And the unknown: What if you change your eating habits? Will you like your food? Will people look at you funny? Will it be a lot of work? Will it be expensive?

Remember, the intention is there. You want to eat more healthily and take good care of yourself. But you’ve got questions. Take the first step…answer the questions.

What if you change your eating habits? If you do, you do. Good for you. You have the power to decide what to eat. If something doesn’t allow you to be your best (bloating, headaches, fatigue), why eat it? And if you know you need to stop eating at a certain time so you digest dinner before going to sleep, what if you change your late-night dinner time? If the end result is more restful sleep, isn’t it worth it?

Will you like your food? There are so many different foods to try when following a healthy diet. To be honest, some you may like and others you may not. You will, however, not lack for food. It’s like an on-going experiment. You try something new. If you like it – great – and you will eat it again. If you don’t like it – OK – you won’t eat it again. Haven’t you ever gone to a restaurant and tried a dish for the sake of trying something new and then not like it? You got over it, right? You tried and then knew you didn’t want to order it again. The same is true when thinking about new, healthier food options. It’s like the expression “live and learn” except it’s “eat” and learn.

Will people look at you funny? Hard to say – they might. And if you’re like I used to be, this may really bother you. I always felt judged and certainly didn’t want to do anything to put myself in a position to be judged. Now, I’ve learned that if someone looks at me funny, it’s more about them than me. They see something in me they want, so they judge me. I’ve learned to stand strong in my convictions. I know that eating the foods I eat helps me to live healthier and perform at my best. I need to stand in that space and sometimes that means bringing food with me to an event or family gathering. You do have the power and strength to stand strong for what you believe – especially if it’s about your health and well-being.

Will it be a lot of work? Like the previous question, it might be but it doesn’t have to be. Do you like to be in the kitchen and try new foods and new preparation methods? Do you have a well-stocked health food store in your neighborhood? Have you looked online at the many web stores that ship healthy food products? The key is to approach it as something you WANT to do not something you HAVE to do. Smart out simple. Vary your breakfast choices. Don’t go for the muffin and coffee every day. Try a smoothie, or an omelet, or granola. See, that wasn’t a lot of work.

Will it be expensive? It doesn’t have to be. There are foods you can buy in bulk such as quinoa, lentils and oatmeal. And there are lots of foods you won’t be buying anymore. When I think of the money I used to spend on gummy bears – oh my! Just because you may not buy everything organic all at once doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it to take a more healthful approach to your life. Follow the same rule as the previous question. Start simple. Make one change, then another and then another.

Next Steps:

  1. Set your intention for the week. What is one thing you would like to accomplish between now and next Wednesday?
  2. What has stopped you from accomplishing this goal in the past?
  3. Identify the questions that come up for you.
  4. Take time to think through the answers so you have the strength to proceed with your intention.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishment!

These steps will support you to set your healthy intentions and follow through for the sake of your well-being. If you are concerned about your nutrition and lifestyle routines and know you want to do things differently so you can be your best every day, contact me or call 413-282-7286. At Bravo! Wellness, I work with my clients to create manageable lifestyle changes so they are able to achieve their greatest potential in life, health and business.

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5 Responses to "Small Steps, BIG Results"
  1. Dorethia says:

    Thanks for the tips – how would you suggest we handle those sweet cravings? I generally eat healthy, but seem to have random days when I crave sugar!

  2. Carolyn says:

    This is such a great way to break it down into simple steps, Jodi. You do a terrific job of pointing out (and breaking down) some of the things that stop us.

    Eating healthy isn’t just about the food we put in our mouths, it’s also about the thoughts we put in our minds.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Emily DeWan says:

    I’ve been working on my diet over the past few months with green smoothies and soups. A large pot of lentils, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, and onion makes quite a few meals. I struggle more with keeping up with smoothies, as it takes about 30 minutes each time (peeling, blending, washing, drinking) and the cost is rather high (about $4 per smoothie).

  4. Tanzie says:

    Jodi…I like the healthy intentions steps listed here. Although I think I eat pretty healthy, there are moments of relapse, so I do need to monitor, but not beat myself up about it. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Jodi Graber says:

    Hi Tanzie,
    Thanks so much for your comment. Indeed, I have moments of relapse as well. The difference for me is that now I know how to get back on track, whereas years ago I did not…I sank deeper and deeper into emotional eating. You are right, you don’t want to beat yourself up. When a relapse occurs, it’s great to be aware of it, take a deep breath and refocus.

    Glad to hear my tips are helpful,

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