Opportunity Isn’t Knocking, It’s Ringing

“Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely
the attitude of gratitude is the most important,
and by far the most life-changing.”

– Zig Ziglar

Attitude of GratitudeDo you take life for granted? It happens. Certainly there are times I do (you know I’m not perfect), though I am much more mindful than I used to be. Years ago, I was so worried about the “what ifs” that I didn’t have much time to “stop and smell the roses.” Throughout my wellness journey, I’ve adopted many habits to ensure that I do make time for a spiritual practice. By doing so, I am able to give my body and mind the opportunity to appreciate all that I have and express gratitude; this has enhanced my life greatly.

Sometimes it’s walking around with the sun shining overhead, other times it’s watching the snow create a winter wonderland in New York City. Sometimes it’s going out to my favorite vegan restaurant, other times it’s shopping at the farmers’ market and then creating a delicious plate of vegetables at home. It could be an easy commute to work, a nice compliment at the office, spontaneous plans with a good friend – whatever makes you happy. Appreciate these moments. It’s not only about enjoying the moment; it is about having gratitude for the opportunity.

Present to selfHave you heard this expression: Yesterday is the past; tomorrow is the future; today is a ‘present’ you give to yourself? We can’t change the past and worrying about what might happen tomorrow isn’t going to change what happens (indeed, planning for the future and possibilities is a very wise thing to do), but staying ‘present’ to the moment is an art and each day we’re alive is a gift. So then, why do we set an alarm to begin each day? Is that a way to express gratitude?

alarm clockI recently read a story recalled by Chris Widener, a personal development and leadership expert and best-selling author. When he was in college he heard someone refer to an alarm clock as an “opportunity” clock. “It was something that demonstrated to me a positive attitude and the choice to take something that most people dread, and change it into a motivating factor,” said Widener. Think about it – what happens when an alarm goes off? Something bad! Waking up to a new day, on the other hand, is something very good. It’s a blessing and an opportunity – one for which we can all be grateful.

So go ahead, develop an attitude – an attitude of gratitude! Set your opportunity clock each morning to wake up to a new day of possibilities. Appreciate all that you have because it is your expressions of gratitude that will bring more abundance into your life.

Next Steps:

  1. Take time to “smell the roses” and appreciate the beauty of life around you.
  2. Thank YouKeep track of your good fortune in a journal. (Remember, each new day is a ‘present’ so make a note of the gifts each day brings.)
  3. Make a point of saying “thank you” when someone does something for you – holds the door or the elevator, gives up a seat on the bus, gives you a compliment.
  4. Set your opportunity clock to wake you up in the morning for a new day.

These steps will help you live mindfully, providing you a strong foundation for a lifetime of health and well-being. If you are concerned about your diet and overwhelmed lifestyle, contact me or call 413-282-7286. At Bravo! Wellness, I work with my clients to create manageable lifestyle changes so they are able to achieve their greatest potential in life, health and business.

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9 Responses to "Opportunity Isn’t Knocking, It’s Ringing"
  1. This is powerful advice, Jodi. Time does move so quickly. I know that when I stop and express appreciation for the people and opportunities in my life, it brightens my day. So, thank you for this reminder!

  2. Nika Stewart says:

    I love this post. I am now referring to my alarm (the iPhone waking me up to get my daughter ready for school) as my opportunity clock. Tonight I will ask my husband if he set the opportunity. 🙂

    Thank you for the reminder to be grateful, and to shift our attitudes for more happiness.

  3. April Fan says:

    What do you think?

    I love the idea to be more mindful. I wake up in the morning and rush through my busy life and now my children are growing up so quickly. I enjoy writing in my journal and it’s really fun to go back and read some good times. Thanks for these simple, yet powerful steps!

  4. Hi Jodi,
    It’s so true, all we have is today. It remind of the small gratitude exercise I try and write down at the end of each night by listing 3 things I am grateful for. And this week, I will add a random act of kindness to do for someone to that list:) Thanks again for the reminder!

  5. I’m so glad you liked the “reminder,” Marcia. We always say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” but we do want to remember those fun times, don’t we.

    I do appreciate you for reading my blog.


  6. This was a real “eye-opener” for me when I read about the opportunity clock. The negative image of an “alarm” ringing versus an opportunity in front of me is very powerful.

    I hope the opportunities you’ve heard ringing are bringing you much success and happiness.


  7. April, I hope you’ve taken some time to write in your journal this past week. I know what you mean…I love reading older entries yet don’t always make the time for journal writing either. I’ve re-committed to creating time and space in my life for journal writing.

    I’m glad you like the steps I recommend and wish you much joy and success.


  8. Hi Claire,

    I hope you were able to practice a random act of kindness. It’s so fun, isn’t it? And the gratitude exercise is so powerful. The small, little things – that are really big things, make such a difference and when I take the time to be grateful, I feel the energy shift in my body.

    I am, indeed, grateful for readers like you.

    Take good care,

  9. Jodi Graber says:

    Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it and am so glad that my writing resonated with you.

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