peeps 3Now, I get the shakes when I see Peeps in the stores. Years ago, I couldn’t wait for spring when they’d be out on the shelves before Easter (now they’re available almost all year!). And, if Easter was too close to Passover, I’d buy the Peeps and wait until it was “OK” to eat them. The best was the day after Easter when the Peeps would be 50% off. Seriously…this is what I used to think about.

Don’t I sound like an addict? This is not a joke – I was addicted! To sugar. Doesn’t seem like a problem since sugar is in almost all food sold in supermarkets and everyone eats it, but for me it became a BIG problem. I craved the high from sugar because I was missing something vital in my life: self-love.

Fearing judgment from others, working tirelessly to live up to others’ expectations, trying so hard to be perfect – all of this work took its toll on me and I did not appreciate me. I negated all of my value and forgot about my strengths. I was lonely inside but put on a happy face to the world. It worked for a long time, practically my whole life, until I crashed in my mid-30’s.

peeps 2Back to the Peeps for a minute…look at the ingredients! They might as well put some coke (and I’m not talking about cola) on store shelves and sell it legally. It’s the same high and the same, dangerous addiction. And please don’t be fooled by the “gluten free” and “fat free” distinction. Gluten free doesn’t mean healthy. It means the product doesn’t contain gluten, but the amount of sugar in this candy is dangerous to all. Here’s a tip: when a label says “fat free” it means there is added sugar and other artificial sweeteners to add flavor.

I feel truly blessed that I have been on the journey of my life. There have been many, many wonderful times and some down-and-out moments as well. I was fortunate to get support when I needed it and have been guided to create a life I love, without the assistance of a sugar high. On this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself, “I Love You.” This unconditional love is the best gift you can give to you and others, because when you show up 100% for you, you can then truly give 100% to those you love.

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