A Loving Lesson from My Husband

My husband, Keith, and I enjoyed a great Memorial Day Weekend. We went up to the Berkshires for a couple of days. We relaxed and spent quality time together. We were in the car a lot, with a three hour drive to the Berkshires on Friday and home on Sunday evening, and on Saturday we drove to Northampton and walked around a great craft show (and we shared a gluten-free lunch!).

We sat on the couch with his arm around me and watched television (when we’re at home we’re usually doing other things while watching tv, so I really don’t consider it quality time together). We ate our meals sitting at the kitchen table and ran errands together. On Sunday, we met up with my cousins for another relaxing meal.

Yesterday, we read in the paper in bed and then walked around a quiet New York City. We visited the street fair on Madison Avenue, sat down for a snack and talked about the week ahead. It was a great way to end a wonderful holiday weekend.

It started getting late so I asked Keith what he wanted to do for dinner. We both thought about it and he suggested going to Candle Cafe, because he knows I loooooove it there. Often times we pick up a dish for me and Keith either orders in from another restaurant or makes a meal for himself at home, so I offered that if he wanted to pick up something for me and he could get something else, he replied, “No, let’s just go sit and eat there.”

We enjoyed a nice early dinner, which made me happy because it meant we could go home, straighten up a bit and watch the hockey game together. As we prepared to leave Candle Cafe, I smiled and told Keith how happy I was that we had eaten early, enjoyed delicious food and that we could go home and relax. And he replied, “That’s why I wanted to stay here and eat. If we brought it home, you would have sat down for two bites, then gone on the computer, then sent some text messages, then made a “quick” phone call, and before we knew it, it would have been ten o’clock.”

OMG! I got a knot in the pit of my stomach. Keith’s loving remarks about sitting down at a restaurant to eat dinner together made me realize how “unpresent” I can be at home, how I let the myriad of distractions get to me. How interesting that over the weekend I bought a postcard to frame that reads: make the present moment into the most wonderful moment of your life.

I love that today is the first day of a new month. My intention for this month is to establish the habit of “being present.” I don’t want life to pass me by; I want to enjoy all the great gifts it has to offer. I thank my husband for being the special man that he is and teaching me such an important lesson.

Is there a habit you want to create this month? Have you been saying you are going to eat healthily but then think, “I’ll start tomorrow”?  Contact me and we can discuss how you can transform your life and begin living the healthy lifestyle you desire.

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