What’s in your refrigerator_#MindfulinMarch

One of the most important healthy habits I discuss with my clients is meal planning – knowing what you are going to eat throughout the week so you don’t leave anything to chance. We all know what can happen during the week – last-minute meeting, traffic, deadline gets moved up – and self-care gets left […]

A Winner on the Expense Report: Fast Food

Yesterday’s New York Times reported data that didn’t really surprise me, but did sadden me. According to Certify, a maker of expense management software, fast food outlets appeared on reports more than other restaurants in 2012. Starbucks topped the list with more than 20,000 transactions averaging $7.54 each. McDonald’s was second with 12,419 transactions averaging […]

How did I let this happen?

The food court at Woodbury Commons doesn’t offer many options for a gluten-free, vegan like me. I did have a Pure Bar to eat as a backup, but thought I was safe with a plate of black beans and vegetables (what I ate a year ago while taking a break from shopping). As I approached […]

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