Happy Holi-daze:
How to Accomplish (and enjoy) Everything this Season With Your Health and Sanity Intact

  • holiday_sweetsWorried that your zipper will burst from all the holiday sweets?
  • Still trying to please everyone and be everywhere?
  • Battling the crowds at the mall to find the perfect gift?
  • Feeling run down and blaming it on the weather?


Help is here…I’ve created a program to support you through the next couple of weeks and into the new year. With the information I’m going to share, you can embrace and enjoy the madness of the season. And when the calendar changes to 2012, you will be ready to soar. Your commitment to YOU solidified, they’ll be no need for last-minute resolutions to change your ways.

“I’ve always known what I’m “supposed” to eat.  I know what a proper portion size looks like.  Right away, Jodi also realized these were not my issues.  Through our weekly sessions and her on-going support, Jodi has helped me unearth the real reasons I medicate with food, the emotional reasons that led to my weight gain.  This wasn’t one more “one size fits all” diet plan.  Together we devised an individualized plan to help me deal with my stress rather than eat my way through it.  Her tips, techniques and yummy recipes even helped me LOSE over five pounds through the holiday season!  Who does that?!  I did — with Jodi’s support.”

Ann Marie Boyle

Do you admire the people who seem to breeze through the holiday season – their shopping done and they always look fabulous? I used to think these people had something I didn’t. Well, they do, but it’s not what I thought.

They have a P.L.A.N. – Four critical steps that are essential to loving the holidays and ringing in the new year with joy and enthusiasm. Once I put the P.L.A.N. in place, I, too, was able to shift my perspective about the holiday season and LOVE every minute of it. I love seeing my clients happy and calm throughout the holidays and I want the same for you. Click the “I want to be happy!” button below to register today.


frazzled_finalDo you walk around in a daze throughout the holiday season, eating your way through cocktail parties and receptions? The cookies, the chocolate – it seems like everywhere you turn there are more sweets. Do you feel obligated to eat the treats since someone went to a lot of trouble to prepare them? Or do you fidget and need something to do with your hands, so you think – why not eat more?

Before you know it, the pounds have crept on – first one, then two, then five, and more. You get that sinking feeling when you try on your dress clothes and know you don’t look your best.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to deprive yourself and you can whittle your waist.

How is this possible? You need a P.L.A.N.

Happy Holi-daze is what you need for support through the obligations and expectations of the season. You can take care of yourself with grace and without offending anyone. Sound impossible? Bah humbug – you can do this!!

Sign up today for the Happy Holi-daze program. You get:

  • Three phone calls with me sharing the P.L.A.N you need to accomplish everything and enjoy the holiday season healthy and sane (value $197)
  • Mp3 recordings of the calls so you can listen whenever you need a little motivation and inspiration (value $97)
  • An e-book I’ve prepared for you with tips, resources, affirmations and more, to accompany you on your journey through a delicious holiday season (value $57)

Get ready to have fun this season…we’ll talk on the following dates and times: (remember, you’ll receive the recordings of all calls so if the “live” time doesn’t work for your schedule, you can still get all the benefits of the Happy Holi-daze program:

Thursday, December 15 – 9:00pm Eastern (30 minutes)

Monday, December 26 – 8:00pm Eastern (30 minutes)

Wednesday, January 11 – 8:00pm Eastern (60 minutes)

A $351 value for $37! Why so inexpensive? Because I want you to have this information and I don’t want you to have to think about the cost. The investment is minimal compared to the pay off – the most wonderful holiday celebrations and a new year full of optimism and delight.