There are Side Effects of Medicine…and Food

We all hear the commercials for a new prescription (or read about them in magazines) with a list of side effects: rashes, blood clots, heart problems and sometimes even death! Scary, right?! But what about your morning coffee? You don’t ever get a list of side effects with the sugar you are putting in your coffee, […]

Are You Afraid of Falling?

I recently realized that one letter separates the word falling from failing…change the first “L” to an “I” and you go from falling to failing in an instant. FALLING FAILING But wait! A lot can happen between falling and failing. All too often we think if we’ve fallen down that means we’ve failed. We didn’t move […]

Grab-n-Go Snacks for Healthy Travel

The good news is there are more healthy snack options in convenience stores, airports, train stations and big-box stores than ever before. When I’m on-the-go, however, I like to make sure I have my “go-to” options tucked safely in my handbag/tote bag/carry-on. I admit it – I’m picky. I want gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free snacks, but […]

Make Your Salads More Interesting with Dill

What do you think of when you hear “salad”? If you’re like most people, you probably see a bowl of iceberg lettuce, some cucumbers and tomatoes and think that without tons of dressing it doesn’t have a lot of flavor. What if I could show you otherwise? Dill is a great way to amp up […]

When Not Fitting In Is The Best Thing Ever

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to feel like you fit in with your peers. I always felt “not good enough,” “not smart enough,” “not pretty enough,” “not skinny enough.” It’s enough to make your head spin, yep, spinning all the way to the candy counter. Indeed, there’s nothing like chocolate and sugar to […]

Raise a Carrot to Good Health and Abundance

  Most people think of carrots as an orange root vegetable that’s good for dipping in hummus and guacamole, not to mention great for sweetening fresh vegetable juice. They’re actually so much more than that. Prior to the 15th– or 16th-century, purple, yellow and red were the only color carrots that were cultivated for consumption […]