Are You Dreading This?

Summer means bathing suits and the beach – which cause anxiety for emotional eaters

Summer 2019. Summer means bathing suits and the beach - which cause anxiety for emotional eaters.

Here we go…are you ready? It’s summer!!

I know, I know, summer doesn’t technically start until June 21. But for many, like me, who experience four seasons throughout the year, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Abundant sunshine, warm weather (hopefully not too hot!), outdoor concerts and — the beach!

Beach? Bathing suit? Did someone say bathing suit?

[Breathe. Don’t freak out. Stay with me, please, because I’ve got a lot swirling around in my head and this may get confusing. One thing I know for sure, you don’t have to freak out about anything. Take a deep breath.]

May I be honest? Originally I planned to write about body positivity and shout from the rooftops: go to the beach, wear your bathing suit and LOVE YOUR BODY!

As I typed the words “did someone say bathing suit,” I felt like I got punched in the gut. My heart began to hurt and I had to stop for a minute and review my own thoughts and message.

Most definitely I stand for body positivity and health at every/any size. My heart aches for people who loathe their bodies and long for the “perfect” body that does not exist. I get sick to my stomach when I read about someone getting body shamed – in person, via text, online. Body shaming is disgraceful and disgusting.

I want people to be comfortable in their own skin and live life with confidence and self-esteem.

I stand for self-love.

So yes, I’m here to say love yourself, put on your bathing suit proudly and enjoy the beach this summer!

But what if you don’t want to and are sick to your stomach about people telling you to “just do it,” be proud of your body and strut in the sand? What if you feel physically ill at the thought of putting on a bathing suit? Then I say wait until you’re ready, but…

…I encourage you to take stock of your feelings and ask yourself why you are not ready. Why don’t you like your body? Why aren’t you comfortable in your own skin? What can you do to show your body love and appreciation?

In other words, I don’t want you to do something, like put on a bathing suit and go to the beach, because other people tell you that you “should” be comfortable doing so. And yet, I don’t want you to avoid putting on a bathing suit because you don’t like your body.

I told you, this may get confusing. Know this: I want you to be you, do what’s right for you, be confident in your choices and love yourself. I can’t say this enough.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch). But I think we can all agree, we need strength and support to take the first step (and second, third, fourth…). I’m here with my hand at your back. You can do this.

Steps you can take right now:

  1. Review and answer the questions above (“take stock of your feelings”).
  2. Save the Date: Self-Love Social ~ June 12, 2019 at 8pm Eastern (more details coming soon)

Remember, don’t freak out. Breathe. Welcome the start of a new season and new opportunities.

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